Thursday, December 16, 2010

Busy until Christmas

Hi there, people

It has become and will continue to be a very busy December for me. I'll be working every day right until Christmas eve. I have notes prepared for my next example of using induction and deduction in how an economist should proceed - validation of the Law of Unintended Consequences. At this rate it wont be done until after Christmas.

Btw, this is Chienna:

As to the whys and wherefores, there are of course things I am not allowed to say but I can say that Cognis has officially been acquired by BASF as of 9 Dec. On Monday this week we each got a lanyard, a magnetic lapel pin, an informational fold-out, and a booklet of stickynotes, plus also a celebratory morning tea. I have no idea how hectic work will get once the integration process hits full swing, but there should be a lull between Christmas and Jan or Feb. I must say it has been good working for Cognis, and I can also say that I am glad I was there for all of its independent existence after Henkel carved itself up. Now it is on to a new future!


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