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I O and S regarding value, Part One

I've been taken to task for stating that there are no such things as subjective values in the philosophical sense of the word subjective. I don't dispute that there is a phenomenon that the layman calls subjective value, but that's not the problematic meaning.

In the realm of philosophy I have always taken intrinsicism and subjectivism to mean two epistemological methodologies that arise out of two variants of the primacy-of-consciousness view in metaphysics. What differentiated the two was the relationship of the subject to the consciousness that has the primacy: the intrinsicist holds that the subject's consciousness does nothing, while the subjectivist holds that the subject's consciousness (privately or as part of a group) does everything. If what I think about subjectivism is wrong then it is likely that my entire understanding of the broader matter is also in error and not just in relation to values.

The whole treatise is far from complete, and is going to take me a long time to get all the necessary research done. In the meantime, here’s the summary of what I had thought in general (ie not specifically tied to value), if for no other reason than to let a reader know that I haven't forgotten the issue.

My Constitution, Section 22

Section 22 - Offences in Australia

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Damn googledocs

DAMMIT googledocs is a PITA to use. I noticed an omission in the section on the issue of warrants so I tried to update the files there. That's finally done after a painful mess-around involving deleting the original published doc, uploading the new one, and republishing it, because the internal edit and save function didn't work. I then discovered that GD oh so thoughtfully decided to mess around with the automatic numbered lists I had created for my original word documents! On ALL of them. Oh JOY!

All I want is some place to host a few PDFs or word Docs, and maybe some ads to pay for it, is that too much to friggin ask?? Geocities please come back. *sigh*


My Constitution, Section 20

Section 20 - Weights and measures

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My Constitution, Section 19

Section 19 - Certainty of law

The general theme is that justice requires that a man know what the law is in order for him to be held accountable for his actions in light of it. The basis is man as the Reasonable Person, and a presumption of a reasoned culture.

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My Constitution, Section 18

Section 18 - Equality before the law


This movie looks as though it could be brilliant. It is a rendition of the story of Hypatia, an influential philosopher and mathematician who studied and taught at the Library of Alexandria, Egypt, near the end of the (Western) Roman Empire in the early fifth century. Ostensibly it seems to be about the concrete event, but it is much more than that.

(update: hat-tip goes to CiceroSC)

I haven't seen it myself (I will probably have to buy a copy from Amazon, it being highly unlikely to be shown out in the Australian bush), so I am going by the trailer and the bits and pieces I have picked up from the web, along with what I know about the history itself (note: Carl Sagan's relation of her story in Cosmos seems to be a tad off, according to some). Warning: spoiler for those who don't know the story.

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Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas, everybody!

This is my first few real days off in six weeks (the other 'days off' have been shift turnaround days on the weekend spent mostly in bed recovering), and so I am putting my feet up for a while! I had a biiiiig sleep-in yesterday (an indulgent 11 hours!), and I needed it! I feel much better now, and got a good quality regulation 8 last night.

It's a good day today, 24 degrees C (about 75F), light cloud, and light wind. It's Australian summer, but we haven't been getting large quantities of hot days for years. Indeed, we have had just three really hot days this month and it's been 20's (70's) and low 30's (high 80's) for the rest of the month. Not that I am complaining!

What I don't like, though, is that the summer rains we have had is making previously dormant caltrop seeds germinate. Every other day I am out the back combing the ground for those characteristic leaf structures, then digging underneath the point it comes out of the ground then pulling the whole damn thing up by its taproot. If I keep this up I should get most of them this year, and have much less to do next year. But at least the weather is good for that work!

Anyway, a very Merry Christmas to you all and I hope it is a good one! TTFN


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Leadership by the coalface

I work in a place that is on the edge of shutdown-vs-reopen and was in mothballs until two months ago, which it had been in since March (until then I ran the QC lab). Officially I am one plant operator among a small number, but unofficially I am the plant superintendent and should the plant be fully opened again it will be made official, whereupon I’ll be site 2IC. As part of that I’m in training for the position, but I've also thinking about leadership as such, mostly for that prospective work but also for when the boss is away and I'd be the go-to man for the duration.

The reason I am busy at the moment is because of unexpected changes to plans made by higher management. December quota has been increased by another 37.5%, and to meet it we now have to work every day that isn’t a public holiday. We had previously been told that we wouldn’t be working in December and as a result many guys had made plans for travel and the like. Since they’re off, those of us who remain have to carry the load. In fact, from the 19th to the 24th it will be myself and another supervisor who will be doing the main plant operation work 12hrs a day each because everyone else will be on holiday! (So, other than this post and one more I have coming regarding a reader’s comment about my value theory, originating elsewhere, I probably wont be doing major pieces for the rest of the year.)

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My Constitution, Section 14

Section 14 - Reasonable treatment while not at full liberty

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I'm working long hours this weekend, and will likely stay very busy until the 19th. I'll still post something besides the comments on my Constitution, but not with the same pace as previously.

On the pace note, I am going to try to write at least one, preferably two, good pieces a week that I think worth submitting to Objectivist Roundup. Extra work is apt to be much less polished and shorter.


My Constitution, Section 8

Section 8 - Freedom of movement

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Temperature rising

I noted earlier that a root of war had been laid by the increasing blame being placed on China for problems in the US economy of the US government's own making. Now the EU is following the same tack.

My Constitution, Section 6

Section - 6 Freedom of action and its defence