Tuesday, December 8, 2009

My Constitution, Section 9

Section 9 - Freedom of association

9(1) All individuals have the right to choose among and between others for any purpose and in any manner they judge fit.
This is another obvious instance of liberty, this time in application to dealing with others.

9(2) There shall be no law prescribing the standard of any good or service or the qualifications of providers thereof; and a government may only stipulate specifications as are reasonable for those particular goods and services that government itself intends to pay for.
The right to freedom of association includes that two people dealing with each other have the right to be free from a third party dictating how the first two people may interact with each other. This includes with reference to the trade of goods and services, which right holds even when one party has a better bargaining position than the other. The only time that a government may make specifications is when it is one of the two parties interacting rather than as a third party, and when it is acting in the capacity as a trader it must act according to the same laws and same moral principles as any other trader and not use its capacity as government to subvert liberties in respect of trade.

9(3) The formation of groups or other associations of and by individuals neither increases nor decreases any individuals' rights, and the rights of a group or other organisation are only those delegated to it by members out of such rights they themselves each possess; and all references to the rights and obligations of individuals, except the right to vote in government elections, shall also include groups and other organisations.
Just making sure that no politician falls prey to specious collectivist arguments. All rights are rights of individuals, nothing more and nothing less.


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