Monday, December 14, 2009

My Constitution, Section 13

Section 13 - Freedom of communication

13(1) All individuals have the right to speak, display, publish or otherwise disseminate any content of communication and in any manner they judge fit.
Another straightforward application of liberty, this time to the content and method of communication. Remember that the right to do these things does not translate to a right to be provided with the material means to do these things. Having this right means that the government is barred from preventing communication or punishing someone for communicating.

13(2) A breach of rights, whether or not associated with a conviction, constitutes consent for privacy purposes, but there shall be no breach of the right of privacy of innocent third parties nor any prejudice of the course of justice.
It is not at all rational expect someone to stay silent when someone commits a crime. There is no such thing as a right to have others be complicit in a breach of rights by failure to report it. It is absurd to expect that an agreement that effectively becomes an agreement to break the law cannot be upheld in by the law.

The second part of the clause is to remind people that there are always third parties to consider, and that doing the right thing in one regard is not sufficient to exonerate wrongdoing committed at the same time.


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