Tuesday, December 29, 2009

My Constitution, Section 21

Section 21 - Treaties

No treaty shall be entered into, nor existing treaty be held as reasonable, that is inconsistent with this Constitution or which gives an express or implied undertaking that the Federal government will not take action against a foreign power if it breaches the fundamental right to life and liberty of individuals present in foreign jurisdictions.
Firstly, the Constitution is the highest law in the land, foreign treaties to the contrary be damned. The government answers only to its constituents, not foreigners. If foreign people want a say then they should emigrate to Australia and become citizens, and hence not be foreigners any more.

Secondly, making up treaties doesn’t stop the wrong from being the wrong, and when someone commits a wrong no agreement not to try to redress or halt that wrong is ever morally binding. At all times, the only matters that may guide the Federal government when considering taking action against a foreign government committing a wrong is strictly the nature of morality and the particular interests of Australians. Again, governments answer ONLY to their own constituents, and its personnel to their own consciences.


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